Gardening is a part of my family legacy and somewhere along the way my love of gardening began to cross paths with my career as a photographer. The aesthetic skills that serve the one translate nicely to the other and have allowed me to create some interesting and beautiful gardens over the past 30 years.

My partner Jed and I specialize in many different areas of gardening, including among other things: stone patios and walkways, traditional perennial gardens, koi & lily ponds, outdoor living spaces and the restoration of older and neglected gardens. We're gardeners as much as we are designers and as such we enjoy getting our hands in the dirt and helping our clients with many of the more involved aspects of gardening. 
A project in Arizona went from this to this in just three months
The inspiration for the front entrance of The Vineyard Tuscan Grill in Palm Springs came directly from the countless hours I've spent wandering through Italian and European gardens.
I've had the exhilarating pleasure of enjoying the creative genius of my good friend Tom Clark. Through his vision and amazing abilities a wonderfully lush backyard garden, beautiful waterfall and soothing koi pond have risen like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes. So, please allow me without hesitation to beat the tom-tom for Tom. He is without doubt, the best. 

Steve Benson 
Pulitzer Prize Winning Editorial Cartoonist
Dear Tom, 
Just wanted to let you know that your latest exterior design work at our new restaurant in Palm Springs, The Vineyard Tuscan Grill has exploded into spring blooms. Diners are loving the bunches of grapes that surround and cover them on the patio and are even helping themselves to the herbs in those gorgeous pots; and I thought they might be too big!!! And of course the lemons look like they've been there for years. Bravo! E Grazie! Another job well done....

Actress Judith Chapman 

Residential garden design and installation with expert care for trees, perennials, sprinkler systems and garden restoration.
This beautiful 1930s home in the historic Willo District of Phoenix had plenty of charm but a neglected front yard. In close concert with the owners I designed and installed gardens that would be in harmony with the style of the home while bringing it gracefully into a new era.
A void left behind after removing a client's old jacuzzi gave us the opportunity to create a circular meditation garden with an Italian style fountain at its center. A perfect circle of Kwanzan cherry trees are joined by an outer circle of junipers and traditional perennial plantings that will fill the garden with color all season long. 

A stone patio was crafted using stones we selected by hand along with some old bricks my client had sitting around. Elfin Thyme and Corsican Mint are planted in the spaces between the stones to soften the look and feel of the patio. 
Perennial gardens and borders are a specialty and I love doing them. Working as closely as I did with Trish over a period of years meant becoming good friends while creating the garden of her dreams together. A thousand daffodils planted in the front of the house brought stunning color even before the snow was completely gone.
"Several years ago I purchased an older home in Malibu that was in need of a lot of updating and renovations. The property was beautiful but the gardens had been neglected and needed some serious work to give them new life. I hired Tom Clark to do the work and watched carefully as he pruned and planted in addition to overseeing the work of arborists who were brought in to manage the larger trees. 

He built a chicken coop for me, installed a lodge-pole pergola and created an oversized shrubby, intimate walkway to the front door. From one project on the property to another it became clear that Tom had a feel for gardens that was beyond just putting in new plants and trees. He's a landscape designer but he's also a serious gardener who works closely with clients like me to give us beautiful, sustainable gardens. I've seen what he can do first hand and I recommend him to anybody who's looking for someone creative and skilled to work on their properties." 

Carol Levy
Pilot Light Foundation
"He is intelligent, super creative, has a natural eye for beauty and is always 100% dependable. I'd hire him again in a nanosecond. The couple who sold us our house in SLC was so impressed with our garden that they wanted his contact information. Strangers compliment often."
Kim Fisher
Salt Lake City
Many people will often have a sculpture or decorative piece of art in their gardens that they'd like incorporated into whatever else we're doing. We really enjoy the challenge of making that happen. 
This property in Santa Rosa, California begged for a fresh start so we ripped everything out and started over. The after picture here was taken a few days after we planted everything so there isn't much to see yet. In time it will be beautiful and quite simple, allowing us to focus primarily on the Japanese Maple that my client and I found at a world-famous maple farm in Sonoma County. 
After the construction workers finished this patio addition on a beautiful old 1930s home it occurred to me that they'd forgotten to paint the concrete foundation of the home. When we did the flower beds I decided to fix that problem by painting the concrete a deep bracken green that pretty much made the foundation disappear once the beds were planted. 
A redwood fence for an 1800s home in Mendocino was definitely a two-man job. Each slat (or paling) of the 200 ft run had to be positioned, re-positioned and then held tightly in place by one of us while the other screwed it to the cross-slats. We tore down what little was left of the original fence and loosely recreated it while adding our own touches and design elements. 
We recently had Tom and Jed work on our country property, choosing specific areas in our 2 acre yard for them to concentrate on, and loved the end results. Every project was unique and wonderful, remarkable by itself but made even better as it was also part of a master plan that will continue to grow and evolve in the years to come. We're looking forward to Tom and Jed's continuing involvement with our gardens and as consultants with our interiors. 

​Tom Clark is by far the most creative person I know. He's currently expressing this creativity designing and installing gardens but a quick google search will reward you with remarkable works of photography and writings that stretch back for decades. 

Justin Butchert
Owner - Kings River Expeditions
A client's backyard had become a dog run and little else. It was even too muddy for a grill. In concert with the owners and over a period of a couple of years we transformed a big muddy mess into a beautiful backyard where the family now hangs out, tends to a vegetable garden and grills up delicious summer meals.