Salt Lake City Meditation Garden
The removal of an old jacuzzi from a client's backyard left us a blank slate to work with. In its place we created a circular meditation garden that features an Italian style fountain surrounded by a stone patio, Kwanzan cherry trees and a colorful perennial garden. It connects to the home's wooden deck by a rusted iron trellis that's covered in red Don Juan climbing roses. 
The patio was crafted using three different types of stones that we selected individually along with some old bricks my client had sitting around. Elfin thyme and Corsican mint are planted in the spaces between the stones to soften the look and feel of the patio. Thoughtful work by all three of us is required to lay the stones so they all work together and are uniformly flat to each other. Stone patios like this are one of our specialties. 
In time the cherry trees, pines and cedars along with the perennials will fully enclose the space creating a feeling of intimacy and serenity punctuated only by the splashing water of the fountain. A softly curving stone border separates the lawn from the flower beds and adds a visual counterpoint to the symmetrical roundness of the patio and trees. The style and size of the fountain were important factors since the fountain is the focal point and crown jewel of the garden.