After completing work on Trish's backyard I told her I had some ideas for her front yard that could breathe new life into it without incurring a lot of expense. Two mostly barren flower beds and some lawn were all that was there. 

Following its curves I added two flower beds to the sidewalk which opened up the front yard and swept everything visually from the street to the front door, providing both continuity and drama while softening the starkness of the new concrete sidewalk. 

Harvard-Yale Home in Salt Lake City
With my client's help we planted a wide variety of perennials that provide color throughout the season and require minimal upkeep. Thousands of daffodils were planted to provide early spring color. 

A few carefully chosen ornamental trees provide scale and balance without overpowering the home itself.
Before & Shortly After
Creating perennial flowerbeds is not an exact science. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to figure out which plants do best together and what variety of them will provide color throughout the season. These pictures were taken in the couple of months following the initial planting and we'll likely make changes as the new season gets underway. In the meantime I'm seeing a lot of promise in what Trish and I came up with for this first stage of her front yard makeover. 
Softening the starkness of the sidewalk was one of my primary concerns so I chose some plants that would spill out over the edges and create the feeling of a pathway to the front door rather than just a sterile sidewalk.